What is your preferred payment method?

We take payments via mailed check, PayPal, Square, and the Cash app.


What can you do for local head prosecutor (i.e. District Attorney) campaigns?

We can provide a general research overview that includes public statements, scandals analysis, accuracy of campaign claims analysis, high-profile cases, policies and practices regarding different areas of criminal justice policy, and more.

For incumbents, we can analyze the legal resume of the opponent(s), including any misconduct allegations/findings received for work as a prosecutor and/or ineffective assistance of counsel claims/findings for work as a defense attorney. 

For challengers, we can provide a full analysis of the incumbent's own career and office, including and up to a full analysis of every single prosecutor in an incumbent's office, including prosecutorial misconduct matters and bar discipline. In addition, we can vet social media histories for offensive conduct posted by prosecutors and support staff.

How do you charge political campaigns?

Once you confirm interest in our services, we will draft a contract between Foglight Strategies L.L.C. and your campaign. Due to a exponential increase in business, we request at minimum $50.00 an hour, but depending on the complexity of local criminal justice politics, our initial compensation request may start at up to $70.00 an hour. 

We are willing to negotiate a maximum amount of hours and/or compensation into the contract for a assignment that spans most or all of the campaign.  

Can you pick and choose what campaign services you are interested in receiving?

Of course. However, depending on your campaign's finances, we highly recommend opposition research for certain politically entrenched opponents. 

What made you interested in political campaigns?

Mr. Fleming’s work at Harvard Law School's Fair Punishment Project focused on the immense discretionary power of chief local prosecutors, a/k/a District Attorneys, County Attorneys, Prosecuting Attorneys, State or State’s Attorneys, Commonwealth Attorneys, and Solicitors. These locally elected officials are largely responsible for the civil rights crisis that is mass incarceration.

 Sadly, many of these races have been historically ignored, letting incumbents with unhelpful "tough on crime" predispositions go unchallenged for many decades.

Are you only interested in prosecutor campaigns?

We are willing to assist for compensation the research needs of other types of campaigns, but only if there is some nexus to criminal justice reform matters.

Please email or for more details.