Client Stories

Lighting the Path to Accountability: When progressive reformers mounted a David-against-Goliath challenge to an entrenched prosecutor in one of America's largest counties, they turned to Foglight Strategies.  Foglight's strategic research professionals scoured court records, prosecutor's office communications, and social media postings authored by the prosecutor's top aides, quickly revealing the heavy-handed enforcement of victimless crime and alarming references to Thai sex tourism by one of the incumbent's top aides.  While the heavily-favored and better-funded incumbent ultimately prevailed, Foglight's research resulted in media coverage depicting a dysfunctional and regressive prosecutor's office that routinely violates the public's trust.  Within days of the election, a grassroots movement emerged to hold the incumbent accountable through public advocacy and a potential recall election.

Exposing a Faux-Reformer: With only days to go before debating a primary challenger whose progressive rhetoric concealed a radical conservative agenda, a Democratic district attorney called on Foglight Strategies to expose the truth.  Foglight's strategic researchers leapt into action, discovering a trail of disturbing rhetoric, campaign finance improprieties and questionable political dealings that exposed the challenger as an anti-choice extremist steeped in conservative politics.  Foglight assisted the client in preparing for the upcoming debate, honing the client's defense of his office's policies while preparing decisive counterattacks to the challenger's misleading rhetoric.  Foglight's client prevailed not only in the debate but at the polls, winning by an unexpectedly large margin.

Defeating a Death Penalty Zealot in the Deep South: Foglight Strategies was hired by a former district attorney seeking to return to office by defeating a conservative rival known for aggressively pursuing the death penalty under questionable circumstances.  Because the client preferred to keep his campaign rhetoric positive, Foglight's media relations team faced the difficult task of defining the obscure, down-ballot race as a clash between proven, reform-minded leadership on one side and overzealous advocacy for the death penalty on the other.  Foglight's media campaign paid off, resulting in several articles (including one in the New York Times) that discussed the race.  Foglight's client decisively won the general election.

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