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Foglight Strategies helps large law enforcement agencies, political candidates, and nonprofits transition our broken criminal justice system into one that deserves the public’s trust using skillful communications and community relations strategies.  

Ease the Growing Pains of the Criminal Justice System



Prosecutors could once use their power to exact unnecessary cruelty on the poor and disabled, without anyone noticing. Those days are gone. Newsrooms and academic institutes are now watching for even the most fair and just prosecutors nationwide to slip so they can strike. Social media giants will not hesitate to launch searing criticism before all the facts are in.

That’s where we come in. Where most crisis communications strategies for prosecutors come from the National District Attorneys Association and other outdated sources, we know the contours of the national criminal justice reform movement. Our operatives have worked alongside Shaun King, Harvard Law School’s Fair Punishment Project, and other high-profile critics. We can advise on real ways to restore community trust.


Are you an elected judge facing political backlash for a fair decision?  Maybe you went below the sentencing guidelines to ensure meaningful accountability for a non-violent offender, or you rejected an excessive bail recommendation.  Foglight's crisis communications and political advisers will help you defend your decision in the court of public opinion. 

We will design a strategy that debunks false narratives about your decision while shining a light on your honorable service to your community.  Effective advocacy within the constraints of judicial ethics codes is difficult, but Foglight's experienced team - headed by a licensed Minnesota attorney - knows how to construct a winning public relations case that steers clear of ethical pitfalls.

Agency Crisis Communications

Are you a public defender whose office aggressively defends the Constitutional rights of unpopular defendants?  Are you a reform-minded sheriff facing political attacks because you defend immigrant rights or manage a humane jail?  Do you run a state or local public safety agency that lacks the funding to hire a communications director? For a reasonable fee that respects your agency's resources, Foglight Strategies will help you communicate the difficult decisions you make on a daily basis using language that builds public trust in your agency's work.


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Shore Up Artillery for your Electoral Battles


Maybe you are a progressive firebrand who wants to exact social justice by putting an end to an entrenched law enforcement dynasty. Or perhaps you are an incumbent prosecutor or sheriff who supports reform without nullifying statutes by executive fiat, and you find yourself under attack. We have experience helping clients in both positions.

We cover the gamut of campaign strategy with a specialization in opposition research. Is your opponent’s domestic violence shelter actually a jail for battered women? Is a DA’s office employee suggesting his possible participation in child sex tourism? Did the incumbent prosecutor just inadvertently hire a well-known white nationalist? All of these are based on our prior investigations. If it happened, we will find it.


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Build Capacity for your Justice Reform Organization


Interest in criminal justice reform is growing, but the organizations that drive it are often woefully understaffed. That means that reports that need to be published go undrafted, meetings with public officials occur with little preparation, and more. Let us fill the gaps at a much lower price than hiring new staffers.

Our operatives have consulting experience with national criminal justice reform nonprofits like Van Jones’s #Cut50, as well as racial justice organizations like StayWoke. In addition, they have drafted academic reports and major investigative studies at Harvard Law School and other venues.  

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